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Buffalo river, Arkansas, altered aquatic habitat, altered terrestrial habitat


The Buffalo River originates in the Ozark plateau in Newton County, Arkansas. This magnificent Ozarkian wilderness river is about 238 km long and flows north-eastward to its confluence with the White River. The Buffalo River drains 3,465 km2 and has some 30 named tributaries. In its upper reaches, huge multicolored cliffs extend nearly 213 m above the river as it flows through mountainous countryside which reaches an elevation of 732 m. Within its watershed may be found 700 species of plant life, a habitat for 250 species of birds, and a variety of game animals. In its aquatic habitat may be found a variety of game fishes, especially the famous smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieui Lacepede. The Buffalo River is known throughout the United States for its outstanding recreational opportunities and unique beauty (State Committee on Stream Preservation 1969).

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