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Channel catfish were raised in water-recirculating systems for several periods of about six months duration each. Initial stock was fingerling size fish (10 to 20 grams). At dissolved-oxygen levels below 2.5 parts per million, mortality was high. Fish raised in tanks held at dissolved-oxygen levels between 3.0 and 6.8 parts per million showed increased gains of weight for each increment of added oxygen. Weight gains were as much as 50 percent higher at 6.8 parts per million compared with weights at 3.0 parts per million. Feed conversion was good in all cases. When feeding was limited to demand, feed conversion was about the same at all oxygen levels, indicating that reduced oxygen levels resulted in reduced appetites for those fish at lower oxygen levels. Conclusions are that the dissolved-oxygen level should be held as close to saturation as circumstances allow for maximum gain rate.

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