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Technical Report

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pollution abatement, wastewater treatment process, water quality, continuous flow turbidimeter


The development of automation in the past 50 years has paralleled the accelerating growth of today’s vast technological society. Automatic control systems are indispensable extensions of man's brain that enable him to monitor and regulate his complex environment. The principles of automatic control have a wide range of applications and interests in virtually every scientific field. The need for automatic control systems in vital applications of environmental engineering is both real and urgent. Extensive pollution has resulted in unavoidable water re-use and in the inevitable establishment of stringent effluent standards. Both water and wastewater treatment processes have necessarily become more advanced and complicated. Automation can reliably provide the critical, sophisticated control required to maintain adequate treatment. In his pollution abatement or water quality program, the environmental engineer can employ automatic control systems to continuously and accurately monitor contaminant levels or the removal efficiencies of treatment processes and to effect rapid responses when treatment adjustment becomes necessary by automatically adjusting processes.

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