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nutrient limitation in streams assessment, ground-water flow influences, pathogen indicator organisms survival


The watershed approach to water resource issues recently has been re-discovered. Scientists and managers recognize the need to consider the entire watershed when delineating and solving today's water resource problems. A simple example is the effect that streams have on the ultimate "health" of a reservoir. Although technically the term watershed should be used only in reference to surface water, the importance of ground water is included in the watershed approach to problems. In recognition that we all "live upstream and downstream," the Arkansas Water Resources Center and the Oklahoma Water Resources Institute sponsored a conference titled "Water Resource Studies Along the Arkansas-Oklahoma Border," April 12 and 13, 1994 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The presentation at the conference ranged from studies in northwestern Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma to those in the Ouachita Mountains and in the Lake Millwood watershed in southwestern Arkansas and southeastern Arkansas. Although these papers covered a wide spectrum of studies in terms of content and geographical setting they are only representative of current and future studies. The conference underscores the need and value of shared scientific results.


Proceedings of the Arkansas Water Resources Center 1994 Research Conference

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