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Technical Report

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Groundwater, Water quality, Mineralization, Trace elements


Ninety-nine groundwater sites were sampled in northern Arkansas in order to determine the effect of local manganese, phosphate, pyrite, lead-zinc and uranium mineralization on the groundwater chemistry. Most of this study (75 springs) was concentrated in the Batesville manganese district. Hydrogeochemical exploration for these types of manganese deposits appears possible with 44 percent of the springs within 2000 feet of mineralization having anomalous metal concentrations (especially manganese). Because only a few springs were sampled in the remaining areas, the results are not conclusive; however, only the pyrite and small lead-zinc deposit would appear worthy of additional investigation. None of the springs appeared to have geothermal water. Eighteen of the springs exceed U.S. Public Health Service drinking water limits, but most only exceed manganese or iron limits. One spring exceeded the drinking water limits for lead. Thus, these carbonate spring waters are generally of good chemical quality.

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