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Technical Report

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Arkansas, Mulberry River, fish, Newton County, Boston Mountains, spotted gar, longnose gar, gizaard shad, threadfin shad, stonerollers, carp, bigeye chub, golden shiners


Announcement of plans to dam Mulberry River, Arkansas, by the United States Army Corps of Engineers has generated some dispute. Most agruments against damming the stream revolve around environmental degradation and loss of aesthetic values. This report serves as a pre-impoundment survey of the fishes of the Mulberry River so that possible effects of impoundment can be more objectively assessed. Knowledge on the fishes of the Mulberry River is severely lacking. The first study was by Jordan and Gilbert (1886) who collected in the southern U.S. in July, August, and September, 1884. They collected in many streams in Arkansas including several tributaries of the Arkansas River.

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