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Technical Report

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Phytoplankton, Algae, Diatoms, Aphanizomenon, Oscillatoria Cyanophyta, Cryptophyta, Chrysophyta, Oxygen, Temperature, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Silicon, pH, Annual Cycles, Productivity, Arkansas


Phytoplankton community was analyzed for seasonal and vertical distribution in Lake Fayetteville. This northwest Arkansas reservoir maintains a stable water level and chemical input with a relatively constant, slow overflow. Its source is groundwater seepage through a calcareous substrate with little contribution from the limited drainage basin. Phytoplankton community development with its associations and assemblages, chlorophylls -a, -b and c, and biomass distribution are described. The seasonal cycles of the chemical parameters NH4-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, ortho-phosphate, silicon, pH, HCO3- and total-alkalinity plus oxygen are described and discussed. The physical parameters of temperature, light and climate are included. The interaction of these parameters and other factors are related to phytoplankton dynamics.

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