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watershed monitoring, water sampling, phosphorus, Illinois River


The City of Rogers is one of the fastest growing communities in Arkansas. Located in Northwest Arkansas, Rogers lies in two primary watersheds; the Illinois River Watershed and Beaver Lake Watershed. The Illinois River Watershed receives municipal wastewater discharge from most of the metropolitan communities in Northwest Arkansas, along with nonpoint source urban and agricultural runoff. The Illinois River originates in Arkansas and flows west into Oklahoma where it is classified as a scenic river. The river has been a source of interstate disputes for a number of years. A federal interstate compact commission was established to mediate these disputes, especially concerning high levels of phosphorus, which is perceived to degrade in-stream water quality as well as to accelerate eutrophication of an Oklahoma reservoir. Recent developments include establishment of in-stream phosphorus limits of 0.037 mg/l for Oklahoma scenic rivers (current base-flow only levels at the state line are around 0.1 mg/l) and an EPA mandate that the Spring Creek and Osage Creek be included on Arkansas’ 303d list for impacts by high levels of nutrients.

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