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water quality sampling, silt, sediment, stream nutrients, water resource management


Water quality sampling stations were installed at the Bayou Bartholomew at Garrett Bridge, AR and near Portland, AR. These stations are coordinated with USGS gauging stations at the same locations. These stations are instrumented to collect samples at sufficient intervals across the hydrograph to accurately estimate the flux of total suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus in the River. Bayou Bartholomew watershed is about 1.08 million acres and is located in the south east corner of the state. The land use in the watershed is mostly in forest and cropland agriculture with some urban area. High turbidity levels and excessive silt loads in the streams are problems in this watershed. The reason for high turbidity levels and silt loads are thought to be row crop agriculture. Accurate determination of stream nutrients and sediment is critical for future determinations of TMDLs, effectiveness of best management practices and trends in water quality.

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