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Technical Report

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Reservoirs, Water quality, Nutrients, Phytoplankton


The research protocol was designed to compare three reservoirs with similar physical environments but different morphometry. Three reservoirs on the western edge of the Ozark uplift were selected because of their similar substrate and climatic condition. The reservoirs primarily differed in morphometry. Two of the reservoirs were of identical size, Bob Kidd and Prairie Groves Lakes, but of different configuration, semicircular and linear, respectively. The bifurcated lake, Lincoln Lake, was of smaller size. Each lake is dimictic. Each of the lakes were nitrate-N limited while soluble reactive phosphorus-P is available and not restricting the growth of phytoplankton. Although the pattern of nutrient utilization was similar among the nutrient concentrations varied. Phytoplankton succession was alike in each reservoir but differed in quantity.

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