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Technical Report

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Green manure, Soil conservation, Irrigation requirments, Soil water transport, Water quality


Quantitative measurements were made of the physical and chemical properties of two virgin prairie soils, Crowley and Jay, that remain in their native Arkansas environments and of similar soils that had been tilled extensively. Comparisons were made of soil properties at several depths. When compared with the tilled soils the virgin soils had higher organic matter contents, saturated hydraulic conductivities and water retained at several applied pressures. Bulk densities and hydraulic resistances were lower in the virgin soils. For the Crowley silt loam, values of pH and elemental contents of the virgin soil were higher than those of the tilled soil. Determinations also were made of the effects of a 14-year addition of winter cover crops on a Dubbs-Dundee soil in continuous cotton production. In general, the winter cover crops tended to increase hydraulic conductivity~. ·porosity and organic matter content. These results indicated that the detrimental effects of long-term tillage on soil hydraulic properties could partially be overcome with the planting of these crops during the winter. However, the rate of improvement in the hydraulic properties was not dramatic.

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