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Technical Report

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Water quality, Buffalo National river, Arkansas, Ecosystem


Samples for water quality analyses and phycological studies were taken from the nine standard sampling locations on the Buffalo River nine times during the period from March 1976 through February 1977. The April-June 1976 samples represent nearly identical conditions throughout the spring period; therefore, emphasis was placed on taxonomic research. As the early January sample was considered sufficient~y reflective of stable winter conditions, the December and February periods were. used for detailed microscopic examination of the rich and diverse diatom flora that was found in the river this year. A total of 273 taxa of diatoms were identified from the 75 samples collected, including 123 new additions to the diatom flora of the Buffalo River. Details of this study, including the breakdown of many species into varieties, will be presented in a separate paper. A list of the new species found and a general discussion are included in this report.

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