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Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Biological Sciences


Du, Yuchun

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Naithani, Kusum

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Semler, Terry

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Plavcan, Joseph


Chronic Anovulation and PCOS is a major infertility issue that affects the ability of many female patients to conceive and obtain a pregnancy. General anovulation is influenced by a combination of factors such as hypoandrogenism, hormonal imbalances, and an irregular menstrual cycle. The current methods of treatments include the usage of first-line medications such as Clomid and Femara or more expensive options such as menotropin regimens, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). While Clomid and Femara remain the most common and successful method, an estimated 25% of general anovulation patients will fail to ovulate despite a maximum dosage of treatment. However, an alternative method may exist. The addition of the drug Prednisone in usage with Clomid has been previously reported as successful in increasing ovulation rates in patients found to be resistant to Clomid. The following study is a cohort study reporting on the data of a private practice OB/GYN clinic specializing in the usage of Prednisone in addition to Clomid and Femara for infertility treatment during the previous decade (2013-2023). In this study, 71 patients who displayed resistance to Clomid or Femara were identified to have taken Prednisone. Their luteal progesterone values were obtained through chart review. It was observed that the group of patients unable to ovulate on Clomid saw an ovulation rate of 65.12% and average luteal progesterone value of 8.809 ng/mL once Prednisone was added to the treatment. Patients unable to ovulate on Femara saw an average ovulation rate of 89.29% and average luteal progesterone value of 16.879 ng/mL when using Prednisone and Femara together. Additionally, no strong correlation was seen in the effect of Age or BMI on the benefits of using Prednisone. The following paper is a discussion and presentation of data in support of utilizing Prednisone for infertility treatments in patients displaying Clomid or Femara resistance.


Infertility Treatments, Clomid Resistance, Famara Resistance, Anovulation, PCOS, Prednisone

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