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Bachelor of Science in Biology


Biological Sciences


Baum, Jamie

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Lessner, Faith

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Durdik, Jeannine

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Plavcan, Joseph


Dietary factors can lead to chronic diseases and impact certain health factors such as sleep and mood. Personalized nutrition is based on an individual’s phenotype and genotype to meet specific dietary needs. This approach could be an intervention to benefit an individual’s health. This study surveyed a population to analyze the population’s view on and usage of personalized nutrition. The use of personalized nutrition was minimal, but there was interest within the population. In addition, a relationship between health and mood was found. However, the sample size was a limiting factor for this study. Future directions could include studying why the population is interested, but usage of personalized nutrition is limited and studying the knowledge of personalized dietary needs.


Personalized nutrition, pregnancy, diet, mood, sleep