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Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Biological Sciences


Makhanova, Anastasia

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Beaulieu, Jeremy

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Walker, Kate

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Plavcan, Mike


Hormonal contraceptives are widely used to regulate menstrual cycles, alleviate certain symptoms linked to reproductive hormones, and prevent pregnancy. However, women who take hormonal contraceptives may experience significant physical and psychological side effects such as increased rates of depression and changes in self-image. The current study examined self-confidence in women before beginning hormonal contraceptives and two months after using them. These participants were compared to a control group of naturally cycling women who were also assessed twice. I hypothesized that women would experience decreased feelings of self-confidence in several domains of their lives, compared to the naturally cycling women. Results did not support this hypothesis; there was not a significant difference between groups or in self-confidence levels from Time 1 to Time 2 in women. Markedly, the sample size was very small, and further research is needed to examine the psychological effects of hormonal contraceptives to better inform women about their reproductive decisions.


Estrogen, Progesterone, Hormonal contraceptives, confidence