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Methamphetamine, Benton County, Arkansas, economic cost


Methamphetamine use among the employed population is on the rise as general methamphetamine use increases. Many employers are unaware of the extent of the methamphetamine crisis and the harmful effects that employee methamphetamine use has on the firm. While methamphetamine use is associated with tremendous expenses for society in the form of direct health care, law enforcement, and environmental costs, this study focuses exclusively on the increased costs that firms bear as a result of the methamphetamine use of their employees. The Benton County Methamphetamine Task Force commissioned this project from the Center for Business and Economic Research in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. As a result, the focus of the cost estimates is Benton County, Arkansas. This study is the first of its kind that deals specifically with the cost of methamphetamine use to employers. However, the methodology employed in this study could be replicated for any community that is faced with methamphetamine use epidemic that has developed in recent years.