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Bachelor of Arts

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Chemistry & Biochemistry


Fan, Chenguang

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Koeppe, Roger

Committee Member/Second Reader

Ivey, Mack

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Harrington, Phil


The primary purpose of this project is to evaluate the genes that play a role in the oxidative stress response in Escherichia coli. In doing so, the entire genome of E. coli was subject to throughput in which individual genes were determined to have a role in the bacteria’s oxidative stress response. Moreover, this project focused on the validation of the genes that were able to pass the initial throughput stage. The genes were subject to two forms of validation. In the first validation technique, candidate genes were overexpressed and minimum inhibitory concentrations of hypochlorous acid were taken. Following, a second validation technique tested the minimum inhibitory concentrations of hypochlorous acid utilizing knock-out mutants. These experimental results will enable for better understanding of a common pathogen as well as ways to defend against it. Additionally, E. coli has often been dubbed as a model bacterium and is utilized and studied in many scientific investigations. Furthermore, this experiment may lead to a greater general understanding of the bacterium, which could assist in future studies.


HOCl-resistance, E. coli, genes, oxidative stress