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Bachelor of Science

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Chemistry & Biochemistry


Sakon, Josh

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Erickson, Kirstin

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Levine, Bill

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Millett, Frank


Known to cause gas gangrene, Hathewaya histolytica secretes two sister collagenases, collagenase G (Col G) and collagenase H (Col H), to degrade the triple helical structure of collagen to further infection in a host. Individual domains of Col H have been crystalized in previous studies, but methods in x-ray crystallization of full-length Col H have been unsuccessful. Using Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) data, atomistic modeling was used to generate multiple conformations of Col H while accounting for flexibility between domains. Full-length Col H was found to adopt a two-state conformational model exhibiting a majority compact and a minority elongated form regardless of calcium concentration. This suggests Col H may become more flexible in lower calcium concentrations but does not elongate as previously suspected. Determination of full-length Col H could significantly impact drug delivery design and therapeutic agents concerning procedures such as skin debridement and pancreatic islet extraction.


SAXS, Collagenase H, ColH, Col H, Full-length, Structure