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Andrea Civelli

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Abel Embaye

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Abel Embaye


In the international context, and particularly in Bolivia, microfinance and microcredit have been the subject of innumerable analyses. The arguments rely on the attributions of these two ways of intervention in financial services, as well as their impact with respect to poverty, their input, and their incidence on economic growth. Bolivia has contributed to the debate in these fields due to its experience with the microfinance system and its relevance to the country’s economy.

The purpose of this project is to describe the process of development and consolidation of the microfinance system in Bolivia. From a description to an analysis that will also be focused on aspects such as profitability, portfolio quality, default ratio, and leverage, it will also approach new challenges that have emerged in the last years for such entities. With all these tools, the goal is to evaluate the microfinance impact on financial inclusion and employment creation in Bolivia.