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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Curington, Bill

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Trivitt, Julie


In the University of Arkansas economics program, many students have expressed that when enrolled in upper division coursework they do not feel they are well prepared mathematically for the material that is being taught. The purpose of this thesis is to compare the University of Arkansas (UA) economics program (Fulbright and Walton) to high performing, peer, and aspirant institutions and determine how the UA economics department might be able to imitate a high performing structure using the offerings and faculty that are already present, as well as new offerings that could be added should resources become available. Using information from these institutions and feedback from faculty and student surveys, it is first recommended that the economics department develop a marketing strategy to give economics student’s better information regarding courses available to them. Next, it is recommended that the economics department begin conducting senior exit interviews/surveys to gain student feedback on a more regular basis, like exit interviews that are conducted at the University of Florida. It is also recommended that the Economics department create stronger quantitative requirements for all economics students to include Introduction to Econometrics and a Calculus 1 & 2 sequence, like requirements set at The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas-Austin. Additionally, it is recommended that current economics course offerings be grouped into concentrations to cater to specific post-graduate needs of students, similar in organization to Louisiana State University, the University of Indiana, and the University of Georgia. Also, it is recommended that the department create a Bachelor of Science degree plan with increased quantitative requirements like the University of Missouri B.S. degree plan. Following this prescription, the University of Arkansas economics department would become even more competitive in recruiting undergraduate students to declare a major in economics.


Economics, Degree plan