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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




McGee, Peter

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Cawthon, Michael


This paper investigates the hypothesis that fantasy football positively influences NFL revenues. While there are many variables that may substantially influence NFL revenues, such as team by team and year by year variation, the estimations in this paper attempt to isolate the effects of fantasy football. Providing evidence of impacts attributable to fantasy football would be important information for parties involved with the NFL and/or fantasy football to better understand what is creating value for the league, players in the league, and the fantasy industry. This paper has results on estimations testing the impacts of both the fantasy participation explosion and an NFL team’s fantasy popularity on NFL team local revenues. These results are indicative of a positive impact on NFL revenues from fantasy football. This paper concludes that the evidence provided is in favor of the hypothesis but is merely suggestive evidence due to data limitations.


Fantasy, Football, NFL, Revenue, Sports