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Bachelor of Science in International Business




Jandik, Dobrina

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Jandik, Dobrina

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Jandik, Tomas


The goal of this project is to analyze the factors that contribute to the gender discrepancy in labor force participation rates around the world. This paper will explore potential drivers of the gender disparity phenomenon through the analyzation of country-specific elements to detect related impacts that may be imposed on a country’s composition of labor force as it relates to gender. More specifically, I interpret the degree to which specific factors can directly influence the proportion of female presence in labor forces around the world. My empirical results suggest that the societal factors, legal regulations, culture, total fertility rate (births per woman) are all determinants of female labor force participation rates by country. My results confirm theoretical and economic theories, as well as findings from existing literature. It is of upmost importance to study these relationships as they explain much of the labor force participation rates around the world.


culture, hofestede, global gender gap