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Farmer, Amy

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Erickson, Kirstin

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Gaduh, Arya

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Jensen, Sarah


Subsistence farming, also referred to as backyard farming, is an important opportunity for families in areas of low economic status. Small scale poultry farming is another practice often used by families in similar situations because of the financial and nutritional benefits provided. By combining the two practices in a process where they each benefit from the other, a sustainable system can be created. The poultry-garden system can provide a source of food for the household and, if run effectively, supplemental income can be generated through the sale of excess poultry, eggs, or vegetation. This project attempted to take the concept of a sustainable poultry-garden system and create a model of it using the resources available in the city of Dangriga, Belize.


Belize, subsistence farming, agriculture, poultry, backyard, development