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Trivitt, Julie

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Gaduh, Arya


When it was established as a state in 1948, Israel’s foreign policy was that of “nonalignment, hoping to build as wide a network of allies as possible” (Tjong-Alvares, 2012, p. 98). In other words, Israel wanted to form alliances with many countries as a means of establishing legitimacy and sovereignty (Du, 1998). Because of this principle, Israel sought to form relations with the People’s Republic of China, yet seeking relations were not without various hindrances, predominantly from the United States. There are three main events where the United States influenced Israeli-Sino relations--formalized relations, Phalcon controversy, and the current Haifa port contract. Currently, Israel is a similar position where it could choose the United States or China. Depending on which position is taken, Israel will face various repercussions that could have negative or positive consequences.