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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Schubert, Karl; Contreras, Rogelio


Southern Bancorp has helped pioneer community development banks in America. They were one of the first banks to establish themself as a Community Development Financial Institution as well as become a Certified Benefit Corporation. Their mission of serving underrepresented groups in the United States has been a key driver in decisions as well as profits. They have been very successful in pursuing their mission through providing jobs, housing, and financial resources for these groups. In doing so, they have advanced above the vast majority of banks in serving their community. They have also been able to successfully manage operations so that they have risen above average in profitability.

This method of banking has paved the way for other banks to follow suit. Although these banks, on average, fall below the national average for return on assets, the top performers exemplify the possibility of obtaining a higher return through this method of banking. As this idea of banking with a mission is relatively new, it will be interesting to witness the economic impact of larger community investment within these areas.


Southern Bancorp, Community Development Financial Institutions, Benefit Corporations, Social Innovation