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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Dereszynski, Michael


Institutions around the world need talented data analysts that can handle the influx of data being produced. This is driving an even higher need for well-prepared students that can bring value to the company immediately out of undergraduate or graduate programs. Because of this, what they are being taught needs to align directly with skills and knowledge that are required to be effective within organizations from the jump. This paper considers the alignment of higher education curriculum with employee expectations regarding analytics graduates.

This research paper is designed to determine whether programs, such as the Walton College of Business, need to review and align their curriculum with employee expectations regarding analytics graduates. After interviewing six different companies with various analytics needs, it was revealed that programs could make changes in order to better prepare students for success in analytics fields. It was determined that programs should focus on technical abilities such as data management and provide more hands-on experience with real world data to develop students project management skills. Additionally, it was revealed that programs should also focus on giving students a base knowledge of programming as well as develop certain vocational skills such as intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and attention to detail.


analytics, curriculum, employee expectations, data