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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Petrone, Kim


This research explores potential connections to the COVID-19 pandemic and felony crime levels, as seen in the categories of business crimes, domestic violence, and theft. The COVID-19 pandemic has rearranged what was previously known about the world, in every aspect of life. From jobs to public life to even government, at every level worldwide there was a fundamental change. Therefore, it stands to reason that crime was also affected by this massive shift in the overall state of being. This research examines how much of an effect there was on crime rates in Washington County, Arkansas by measuring amounts and types of felony violations both before and during the beginning of the pandemic. Then, the data was broken down into set groups based upon felony type and analyzed accordingly.

This research found that while there were increases in both the categories of theft and domestic violence and theft, the overall effect on business related crimes was null. Additionally, it was found that there was an overall decrease in felony violations. Despite backlogs of courts and other potential factors potentially causing this decrease, it is to be concluded that there is a strong connection between felony crime rates and the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19, Felony crime, Effects