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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Conway, Daniel

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Adams, Jason

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Pope, Katie


In the whirlwind that is the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, it is easy to get swept

up and lost in what is valuable and what is not valuable in the space. This report intends to

explore and increase the understanding of blockchain technologies, primarily the emerging

metaverse and its use cases, and to demonstrate a better understanding of where this emerging

market can create value. Although blockchain has received negative publicity (due to market

speculation and price volatility, as opposed to the real value of the systems), the metaverse is a

blockchain centric reality with use cases as of today. The community is seeing faster adoption of

metaverse and virtual reality environments than other blockchain projects, simply due to its

functionality and adoption status.

In this report, I will detail the state of the art as we are seeing it today, including but not

limited to meetings, land contracts, stores, major companies' outlook in this new reality,

marketing endeavors, and other industrial uses. Engage Virtual Reality will provide many of the

insights I found on both the desktop and Oculus headset versions. The metaverse is also host to

many learning opportunities and classroom applications, which will be detailed on its own for

the purpose of this research report. VictoryXR and Engage will be the programs employed to

attend virtual class sessions, meetings, and other academia related disciplines. As I explore the

metaverse with my advisor Daniel Conway, I will outline all experiences with him, and whether I

found there to be shortcomings in these interactions or what excelled. Later, we will build our

own program to demonstrate the ease in which anyone can utilize these applications (I have

minimal coding knowledge but will be able to construct these environments). And finally, I will

give my expectations for the future of this “second world”. This will include where I would

continue in the study and what would need to be addressed to move forward. Throughout the

process, the underlying question is this: Is it all useful and/or valuable?


Metaverse, Oculus, Future, Engage