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Bachelor of Science in International Business




Reyes, Javier

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Gu, Jingping


This research examines the successes and challenges of the European Union, especially in the face of the crisis of 2008 and 2009. Based on the current structures of the European Union and Mercosur, this paper looks to assess the viability of further integration of Mercosur using the evolution of the European Union as a model of reference. Analysis of key economic measures provides the framework for assessment, with a special focus on the asymmetries between member countries within Mercosur. Differences in debt-to-GDP ratios, regional trade levels, and exchange rate fluctuations are the primary indicators used to provide policy recommendations for the future of Mercosur. Based on high levels of inequality on the key measures considered within the paper, greater integration within Mercosur is encouraged, given improvement upon and adherence to guidelines originally set forth by the European Union.