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Farmer, Amy


The gender investing gap is a topic of increasing concern, referring to the disparities in investment participation and outcomes between men and women. This gap is prevalent in various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Its consequences for women include reduced savings and accumulation of assets, decreased financial security, and lower savings for retirement. The economic costs of the gender investing gap are substantial, with an estimated $3.22 trillion more available for investment and $1.87 trillion more invested in socially and environmentally responsible companies if women invested at the same rate as men. This literature review examines the gender investing gap through the lens of five related gender gaps, including the finance sector, financial inclusion, financial literacy, pay, and confidence. The reviewed publications transcend geographical boundaries, offering a comprehensive perspective on this pervasive problem. Addressing the gender investing gap is crucial for promoting gender financial equality and ensuring women have equal access to financial opportunities and resources worldwide.


investing, gender gap, finance