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Grading practices, grading, standards-based grading, teachers


This case study assesses the current, self-reported grading practices among Arkansas teachers. We distributed a Teachers’ Grading Perceptions survey in November, 2022, and we conducted semi-structured interviews with teachers and principals in January-February, 2023. We gathered both quantitative and qualitative data from the teacher survey, and we used interviews to collect themes for current grading practices in Arkansas’s schools. We generated a grading equity scale from the survey questions, verified by a reliable alpha coefficient = 0.83, and we use this in a multivariate regression to explore teacher characteristics and their likelihood of favoring grading equity practices. We collected themes from qualitative remarks in the survey and stated in the interviews. We discuss our findings in the context of current grading practices in Arkansas and conclude with policy suggestions for district leaders to implement and help provide more opportunities for students to succeed.

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EDRE Working Paper

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