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Social sciences, Communicationand the arts, Greatest Generation, Iwo Jima, Original film, United States, Navy, World War II


This documentary film, The Lover's Cup is the story of a former Naval Officer from World War II, Dr. Phillip Trapp, who took Marines into the battle of Iwo Jima and lived to see the flag being raised on Mt. Suribachi. This 55-minute film explores his life experiences before, during and following World War II. His first-hand experiences are used to illustrate the Social and psychological impact of the Great Depression and World War II and his journey to overcome his adversity and create positive changes in the world through his subsequent education and service at the University of Arkansas and the community of Northwest Arkansas.

The Lover's Cup explores some of the factors, which helped shape what many have called "The Greatest Generation." It also addresses the political and psychological ramifications of World War II and it's differences to modern day world conflict. The film includes several interviews over the course of two years with Dr. Trapp. It also includes some re-enactments and extensive archival footage and photographs through the National Archives and Library of Congress. This is a character-driven narrative, using the Great Depression and World War II as vehicles to tell the story. The goal of this film is to help generate a renewed awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Greatest Generation, who will all soon be gone.