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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Gregory S. Parnell

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Edward A. Pohl

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Terry L. Esper


Social sciences, Applied sciences, Economic decision analysis, Sustainability, Sustainable decision making


The energy industry (including the oil and gas industry) is facing unparalleled scrutiny and demands from stakeholders including investors, regulators (industry and environmental), communities, and other stakeholders. Sustainable development is one of the major concerns of the oil and gas industry. Companies are seeking to increase sustainability of their operations by considering environmental and Social concerns in addition to economic concerns. Oil and gas companies need to take decisions at different stages of the product life cycle (e.g. planning, design, exploration, production, and clean-up) which have direct or indirect impact on the organization's objectives. Addressing economic, technical, Social, and environmental risks and opportunities during decision-making is critical to fulfill stakeholders' and organization's objective and ultimately to the success of a project. This research provides a framework and a model that integrates sustainability into decision-making.