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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Cheryl Murphy

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Michael Wavering

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Jason Endacott

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Dennis Beck


Health and environmental sciences, Education, Adult learning, EHR, EMR, Electronic medical records, Health informatics, Training


Electronic medical record systems have become essential for giving patient care at health care institutions. The purpose of this study was to explore the training provided to staff at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Northwest Family Medical Center in an effort to identify participant training experiences, needs, and perceptions. This study included qualitative, case study research. There were fourteen participants in the study. A focus group interview was conducted with eight administrative and training participants. Interviews and observations were conducted with six staff members.

The literature review of this study discussed educational theories including andragogy and training techniques. It also reviewed current research on healthcare informatics and the training provided to clinical staff during educational and organizational trainings.

Due to the case study nature of the study, multiple reliability and validity measures were utilized including; an open researcher positionality, triangulation through multiple data sources, purposeful sampling and member checks. Data collected were coded as themes and explanations emerged. The study found that training was lacking for study participants but all wanted training that matched the training techniques suggested through research.