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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Amy Apon

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Craig W. Thompson

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Dale R. Thompson

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Fred Limp


Applied sciences, Colored petri net, File system simulation, Hierachical performance, L2 cache model, Linux file system, Petri net


File systems are very important components in a computer system. File system simulation can help to predict the performance of new system designs. It offers the advantages of the flexibility of modeling and the cost and time savings of utilizing simulation instead of full implementation. Being able to predict end-to-end file system performance against a pre-defined workload can help system designers to make decisions that could affect their entire product line, involving several million dollars of investment. This dissertation presents detailed simulation-based performance models of the Linux ext3 file system and the PVFS parallel file system. The models are developed using Colored Petri Nets. A performance study, using the models, shows that the obtained results are close to the expected behavior of the real file system. The model shows that file system parameters have significant impact on the performance of the I/O when compared to the parameters of the disk subsystem.