Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Computer Science (MS)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Brajendra Panda

Committee Member

Wing-Ning Li

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Gordon Beavers


Applied sciences, Cloud computing, Database management systems, Security


Cloud computing is an architecture model which provides computing and storage capacity as a service over the internet. Cloud computing should provide secure services for users and owners of data as well. Cloud computing services are a completely internet-based technology where data are stored and maintained in the data center of a cloud provider. Lack of appropriate control over the data might incur several security issues. As a result, some data stored in the cloud must be protected at all times. These types of data are called sensitive data. Sensitive data is defined as data that must be protected against unwarranted disclosure. Generally, almost all personal information might be considered sensitive data. This research paper outlines how data owners determine which data should be considered sensitive data, how data owners are able to keep their data to be secured and trustable, and how data owners are able to verify integrity of their data in cloud computing. Finally this research provides several analyses to show the effectiveness of the data integrity verification method.