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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Mathew McConnell

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Kristin Musgnug

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Jeannie Hulen

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Leo Mazow


Philosophy, religion and theology, Communication and the arts, Ceramics, Original artwork, Sculpture, Wind


Breaking Wind is a research project and thesis exhibition composed of a series of ceramic objects in conjunction with paintings that explore the systems that dictate belief, the motives that drive curiosity, and biological connection to our surroundings. The work uses the context of the gallery and devices used in museums such as plinths, shelves, and wall text to reinforce the idealized and fictive into something believable.

In the work, Breaking Wind refers to a clumsy breakdown and rethinking of the seemingly simple natural phenomenon, wind. Wind is understood as a natural occurrence that has no origin or any innate visible characteristics, and only can be fully understood by theoretical explanations.

Using semi-logical fictive explanations and information sprinkled with a dash of "truth" the works attempt to blur the lines between belief and truth, science and art, thought and form. This corrupts understanding of the natural world around us and starts the beginning of a line of questions that cannot be answered.