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Master of Science in Geology (MS)

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Doy Zachry

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Margaret Guccione

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Christopher Liner


Earth sciences; Anadarko basin; Granite was; Wheeler county, tx


Up-to-date regional and local Granite Wash data of any form is either too scarce to reference or highly privatized by exploration and production companies operating in the region. The objective of this research is to correlate horizontal production data with mapped depositional trends from Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian Stage) Granite Wash reservoirs in the Western Anadarko Basin in northeastern Wheeler County, Texas. The correlation of raster logs to define various trap type and geometries in Missourian Granite Wash reservoirs of Wheeler County, Texas is used to understand the geologic controls on oil and gas accumulation and production. The analysis includes detailed stratigraphic mapping of individual Wash reservoir units and the linking of these maps to oil and gas production data. The majority of the Hogshooter Wash produces from intervals of relatively clean sandstones defined by the gamma ray signatures and porosity values. Isolith mapping of the Lower Hogshooter Wash interval strongly suggest that the production comes from the central area of Wheeler County adjacent to the faulted zone. Production from the upper interval appears to be located in the northwestern and southeastern areas of the Lower Cottage Grove Wash isopach displays a thinning of the interval from south to north. Production from the Lower Cottage Grove Wash appears to come from an area that trends south-north from the southern margin of the study area. Production from the Upper Cottage Grove Wash appears to come from areas trending along the down-thrown block of the fault zone and perpendicular to the fault to the northeast. Faulting that trends parallel to the mountain front controls well placement for both the Hogshooter and Cottage Grove intervals. Academic research would be a valuable asset to industry professionals who must sacrifice attention to detail in order to minimize the financial costs of a prolonged geological analyses.