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Master of Science in Agricultural Economics (MS)

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Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness


Harold L. Goodwin

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Susan E. Watkins

Second Committee Member

Ondrej Kadlecik

Third Committee Member

Bruce L. Ahrendsen


Social sciences, Energy costs, Poultry production, Propane usage in broilers


This study focuses on analyzing the common practice of U.S. broiler farmers to operate on cash basis instead open credit lines for operating cost of propane gas for heating. Data for analysis were taken over from U.S. ABRF at Savoy and Slovak Farm Univerza at Trnava pri Laborci. Predicting the propane gas usage and propane gas cost was analyzed using the OLS model. It describes impact of selected factors on gas usage and cost. The overall purpose of the thesis is to find out which approach from designed scenarios is more economically efficient for farmer: (a) to pre-purchase propane gas with credit (operating loan) or (b) to continue purchasing propane gas regularly without credit (cash basis).