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Master of Science in Kinesiology (MS)

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Michelle Gray

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Inza Fort

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Robert J. Elbin


Social sciences, Health and emvironmental sciences, Cognition, Memory, Older adults


The number of older adults will rapidly increase within the next generation (Brookmeyer, Johnson, Ziegler-Graham, & Arrighi, 2007). Alzheimer’s disease risk increases with age, especially after age 60 (NIA, n.d.). Aging leads to a decrease in functional independence, and this side effect is exacerbated by cognitive decline (Johnson, Lui, & Yaffe, 2007). Executive function is a predictor of Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression (Zhang, Han, Verhaeghen, & Nilsson, 2007). The Geriatric ImPACTTM test is a potential new and more convenient testing methods than traditional methods used. The purpose of this research is to validate the Geriatric ImPACTTM test by comparing the scores to those of traditionally used paper and pencil tests.

The paper and pencil tests showed correlation with the Geriatric ImPACTTM, indicating that the Geriatric ImPACTTM tests the same cognitive domains of the traditional testing battery. This test is validated and is more convenient to use than the paper and pencil tests. Future research is needed to confirm this and should use a larger sample size, including participants with diagnosed cognitive decline.