Date of Graduation


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Master of Fine Arts in Drama (MFA)

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Clinnesha D. Sibley

Committee Member

Mavourneen Dwyer

Second Committee Member

Les Wade


Communications and the arts, Drama, Robert Flaherty, Original play, Poor, Relations


The goal of this dissertation is to present my play, Poor Relations, to my thesis committee and discuss both the process of bringing it to the stage and the results of that process.

The dissertation opens with a narrative essay detailing the process of writing Poor Relations and bringing it to the stage in a full production. It discusses my initial idea for the play, the original draft and changes made after input from those at informal readings. It pays particular attention to the changes that were made during the rehearsal process for the full production.

Following is a copy of the play itself, Poor Relations. This is the text as it was performed in Studio 404 at the University of Arkansas in partial fulfillment of my MFA requirements. Also included are the official program and several photos from the production.

Finally, I have included my Vitae, detailing theatrical activities up to and including my graduate school experience.