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Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Education (PhD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Brent Williams

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Rick Roessler

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Felicia Lincoln

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Daniel B. Kissinger


Attitudes, Disability, Disclosure, Employment, Ethics, Invisible disabilities, Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation professionals, persons with disabilities and employers were asked to participate in a focus group interview exploring the phenomena of disclosing invisible disabilities during the interview process. This Qualitative study examined disclosure of disability from each stakeholder's perspective in an effort to understand its impact on the interview. After transcribing the focus group interview and analyzing the data; five themes emerged reflecting each stakeholder's views on disclosure. The themes revealed the persistence of attitudinal barriers that people with disabilities face in seeking employment; if and when a person should disclose; what are the positive and negative aspects of disclosure and what can be done by the stakeholders to mitigate the process. The research revealed that the decision to disclose is a complex phenomenon and should be seriously contemplated prior to making this decision. This research will guide the process to determine if disclosure of invisible disabilities is appropriate for the person during the interview and will impact how rehabilitation professionals prepare and counsel clients on disclosure.