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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Barbara C. Gartin

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Cheryl A. Murphy

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Felicia Lincoln

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Wen-Juo Lo


Education, Diffusion of innovations, Educational technology, Instructional technology, Ipads in classroom, Pre-service teacher, Teacher education


iPads and tablets are the latest technological tools that schools are adopting for classroom use. Yet, according to the Teacher’s Use of Educational Technology in U.S. Public Schools: 2009 Report, 25-50% of the teacher population surveyed report rarely or never using basic classroom technologies (LCD projectors, whiteboards, document cameras and computers) for teaching (Gray, Thomas, & Lewis, 2010). A modified Perceived Characteristics of Innovating (PCI) instrument originally developed by Moore & Benbasat (1991) was used to determine intention to integrate educational applications on iPads for classroom use. Multiple regression analysis was conducted to determine whether technology competence or technology self-efficacy were predictors of intentions to adopt educational applications on iPads for classroom use. Technology competence was found to be a predictor of scores on the PCI instrument. Specifically, four sub-domains of technology competence (telecommunications skills, basic computer skills, setup-maintenance-troubleshooting equipment, and spreadsheet skills) were found to be the best model for predicting PCI scores. Further research into the relationship of technology competence to innovation adoption is recommended.