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Master of Science in Entomology (MS)

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Ashley P. Dowling

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Frederick M. Stephen

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John D. Willson


Biological sciences, Circadian, Diplopoda, Endemic, Millipede, Myriapoda


Endemic arthropods of Arkansas were sampled and their nomenclature and distributions were updated. The Arkansas endemic species list is updated to 121 species, including 16 species of millipedes. A study of the millipedes of Arkansas was undertaken, and resulted in the first checklist and key to all millipede species in the state. 68 species are known from Arkansas, including the genera Cylindroiulus and Polydesmus. The first state records for Ophyiulus pilosus, Cylindroiulus sp., and Ptyoiulus coveanus are reported, and new county records are reported for 16 species. This represents the first key to a state's species since 1980, and the first millipede checklist for a state since 2002. A study of the circadian rhythms of leaf litter arthropods via leaf litter collection methods was undertaken as well, and resulted in the collection of over 8,000 specimens. Three time periods, 6 AM (dawn), daylight, and darkness hours were identified as important to collecting abundance and diversity, and general circadian rhythm data on selected arthropod groups, including the Myriapoda, Formicidae, Staphylinidae, Carabidae, Curculionidae, and other Coleoptera families were reported and found to agree with similar data collected from pitfall trap studies.