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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCmpE)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Jia Di

Committee Member

James Parkerson

Second Committee Member

Dale Thompson


Applied sciences, Golden reference library, Hardware security, Hardware trojan


Due to the proliferation of hardware Trojans in third party Intellectual Property (IP) designs, the issue of hardware security has risen to the forefront of computer engineering. Because of the miniscule size yet devastating effects of hardware Trojans, few detection methods have been presented that adequately address this problem facing the hardware industry. One such method with the ability to detect hardware Trojans is Structural Checking. This methodology analyzes a soft IP at the register-transfer level to discover malicious inclusions. An extension of this methodology is presented that expands the list of signal functionalities, termed assets, in addition to introducing a methodology for matching soft IPs to a functionality category, termed Golden Reference Library Matching. Trojan detection methods are introduced that utilize the results of Golden Reference Library Matching as well as internal characteristics of the IP. This methodology is verified using benchmarks developed by a trusted third party.