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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Kathleen Collins

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Thomas Smith

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Lori Holyfield


Education, Distance education, Pre-service teacher, Self-efficacy


Conflicting research results regarding outcomes for distance versus face-to-face course delivery methods, as well as a lack of that research, presents a need for further research into distance education. This mixed methods study adds to the existing literature on distance education, and will provide specific research exploring pre-service teachers’ perceptions of their self efficacy in the context of teacher education. This study is descriptive in nature, and has a dual purpose: to add to the existing knowledge base regarding distance education models and traditional face-to-face delivery models in teacher education, and to inform program designers about the impact of these types of delivery models on pre-service teachers’ perceptions of personal self efficacy. It is the intent of this research to give voice to teacher education students directly related to their experiences, and to contribute to the discourse on distance education, especially in the context of teacher education programs. This study addresses three research questions: what are the perceptions of pre-service teachers regarding their sense of self-efficacy in the context of field experiences?; what are the similarities and dissimilarities in pre-service teachers’ perceptions of self-efficacy as a result of face-to-face delivery methods versus on-line delivery methods? ; and what are the perceptions of faculty regarding the effectiveness of on-line versus face-to-face delivery methods in developing self-efficacy in pre-service teachers?