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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Industrial Engineering


Manuel D. Rossetti

Committee Member

Edward Pohl

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Ashlea Bennett Milburn

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Christian Hofer


Applied sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Decsion making framework, Healthcare engineering, Medical items selection, Multiple-objective decision analysis, Physicians preference items, Value analysis


This work is composed of a number of topics in the healthcare area, which are approached separately with appropriate methodologies. The two topics deal with physician preference items via two different approaches. The first one investigates stock keeping unit (SKU) proliferation in healthcare organizations due to physician preference items (PPI). It captures perspectives of physicians and supply chain professionals about this problem through two surveys. The second topic builds a decision-making framework for the PPI selection process that can be used by healthcare organizations to make more objective decisions. A Multi-criteria decision making technique is implemented to illustrate the framework.