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Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science (PhD)

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Animal Science


Jeremy G. Powell

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Elizabeth B. Kegley

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Thomas A. Yazwinski

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Kelly M. Loftin


Biological sciences, Long-acting eprinomectin, Moxidectin, Oxfendazole, Performance, Replacement heifers, Spring-calving cows


Experiment 1, 83, newly weaned, fall-born crossbred heifer calves were allocated randomly to 1 of 3 anthelmintic treatments: 1) control (CON); 2) combination pour-on moxidectin and oxfendazole (MO); and 3) long-acting eprinomectin (LAE). Two preplanned orthogonal contrast statements were used: 1) to compare CON to treated cattle; and 2) to compare OXF to LAE. Heifer BW and BCS were greater (P≤0.02) from MO and LAE on d 112, 140, 154, 168, 182 compared to CON. Heifer cyclicity, estrous detection, natural service and overall pregnancy rates were greater (P≤0.02) for MO and LAE compared to CON. Cattle fecal egg counts (FEC) were greater (P0.20) between CON and treated cows. Day 14 BCS tended (P=0.07) to be greater for CON compared to treated cows. Also, BCS was greater (P=0.01) and hair coat score was lower (P