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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Clinton Wood

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Julian Fairey

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Michelle Bernhardt


Applied sciences, Earth sciences


This research details a condition assessment of asbestos cement (AC) pipe within in the Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association water distribution system. Bella Vista Village contains appropriately 300 miles of AC pipe with nominal diameters from 6-14 inch. The goal of the research is to determine the current condition of AC pipe within the system and predict future performance of the pipes. AC pipe samples were obtained from 23 locations disturbed across the distribution system with nominal pipe diameters of 6-8 inch. Estimates of current level of degradation were obtained using phenolphthalein staining and hardness measurements of each sample. The residual strength of the pipes was measured using ASTM standard tests for pipe strength such as crushing and hydrostatic tests. Remaining life of the AC pipe was estimated based on a linear degradation rate determined appropriate from a number of accelerated acid degradation experiments. These accelerated acid experiments conclusively determined the shape of the degradation vs time plot was linear.

The AC pipe samples tested in the research were determined to be minimally-moderately degraded, with degradation levels measured between 0.88-31.15 percent. However, over 60% of the samples were determined to be below 10% degradation. All samples tested above AWWA strength requirements for crushing and hydrostatic capacity for AC pressure pipes. The estimated remaining service life for the AC pipe samples varied from 1 to >100 years with the majority (54%) of the pipes having an estimated remaining service life greater than 100 years.