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Dale Carpenter

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Frank Scheide


Communication and the arts, Documentary film, Insight, Show, Whirled


The documentary film 551 and Counting: An Insight into the Show “One Whirled View” takes a contemplative look at the public access show "One Whirled View" and its creators. "One Whirled View" has aired locally on public access television in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the past twenty-four years. The show was created by Roger Henry and Dan Vega, two eclectic friends that share a similar view of current news. This twenty-four minute film includes interviews with both Roger Henry and Dan Vega. Other interviews with Joel Hirsch, Dr. Sidney Burris, Richard Drake, and Dan Robinson help to substantiate information and give the film a credibility, as well as additional entertainment value. The film is comprised of interview footage mixed with archival footage presented from the extensive collection of "One Whirled View" programs over the past twenty-four years. This film explores a friendship between two men that is documented on tape over 551 shows that have aired on public access television. The goal of this film is to show the true dedication that Roger and Dan have to their audience by finding news that major media outlets are not necessarily reporting on a larger level. This film also shows how friendship combined with dedication and passion for news, can result in a rich catalog of moments that are on tape forever for the whole world to see.

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